Price List


A-Model 11717$1450-$1475
B-Model 11760$1500-$1525
C-Model(HC) 11717$1,450
D-Model 22922$1850-$1875
E-Model 21912$1825-$1850
F-Model(HC) 22922$1850
G-Model 321060$2050-$2075
H-Model(HC) 321060$2050

Lease Options: Simrah Gardens offers 6, 9, and 12 month lease options. A lease less then 12 months is subject to short term lease premiums.

Monthly Pet Rent:

Cats Only: $20 per month/per cat  *Limit Two Per Apartment*

No Dogs As Pets Allowed

Covered Parking: $50 per month

*Prices and policies subject to change without notice.
Revised 10/01/2013